General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions are the property of Jamal Rugs. And the

rights and obligations of the customer using the electronic commerce services provided by the

website The General Terms and Conditions applies to all legal services and transactions that take place through the website, (“Company” or “Website”).

  • Purchases in the Jamal Rugs store can be possible with an order placed in website, by the process specified in these General Terms and Conditions.
  • The Company has the right to change the prices of the products that are on website, that change shows result at the same time as it is seen on the website. The change does not affect the purchase price of products that are already been ordered.
  • Customers can subscribe to our Website to get updates, notifications, know new arrivals, sometimes get discounts and be our forever customer.
  • If the order has been placed, the contract can be improved or cancelled freely and with some conditions applied if it is correctly fulfilled. It can be done by phone or e-mail. There will be an invoice as in “Contract” settled between the parties with the purchase of the products which will have some information (date of order, invoice number, serial number, payment method, country of origin, description of products, the quantity of product, the list of products belonging to the order, the price of the products which is in dollar, and the amount paid), and conditions are as same as (2.4., 2.5., 3.1., 3.2. sections) on it. Then it will be sent through email to the customers within 24 hours, and a hard copy of it will be sent with product. The Company will register it and keep it for 2 years after its conclusion.
  • The language of the invoice is English.
  • The currency used for purchasing is Dollar ($).
  • The important information and features of the products to be purchased can be found on the exact page that the product is shown.
  • If there are any inquiries about the products before purchasing, our customer service and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is at your favor.
  • If there are any more information you need about the quality or basic information of any products other than provided on the website, please contact us through customer service. The contact details of it can be found in section 1.4.
  • Customer service: Jamal Rugs.

Location of the customer service office: #032, 2nd floor of ACMEG – A Block, Chaman-e-Hozuri, Kabul, Afghanistan.

There is no option of personal reception at the customer service address. Customers may only contact customer service by email or telephone. Customer service can be called in any time and any day 24/7.

Phone: +93 (0) 792817527 / +93 (0) 730666679

Internet address:



  • The purchase price of the product is included the cost of delivery and sales tax. The products have the shipping insurance and there are no extra packaging costs.
  • It is possible to place an order in the Jamal Rugs website using the “Add to Cart” option. The customer can add his/her favorite products to his Cart using the “Add to Cart” button on the product specified page that appears after clicking on each product. customers can view and adjust the contents of the Cart by clicking on the Cart icon on the right side of the Website, where the customers can control the desired quantity of each product or delete the contents of the Cart. If the customer has confirmed the contents of the Cart, he can place his/her order.
  • After the customer has provided all the required information, he/she can

confirm it using the “Send Order”. The order will be placed and the offer will be sent after clicking on “Send order” The price of the products is indicated in Dollar ($).

  • Customers can order any kind of new designs of carpets which will be hand knotted on the customers instructions or at his/her request. These carpets will have different rates according to size, color, material or design. Customer will pay 50% of the specified amount while ordering the product. Customers can order these kinds of products by clicking “Your Order Here” button.

Canceling The Order

  • Customers can cancel their order within 24 hours after the order has been submitted. After 24 hours, the product will be given to the cargo company to be shipped to the customer.
  • Customers can withdraw their order any time. But the customer needs to contact and confirm that he/she wants to withdraw before the procedure of withdrawal, through customer services. If the costumer asks for withdrawal of the product after it has been sent, the customer will only get 75% of their payment. And if the customer wants to withdraw after he/she has received the product, so the customer has maximum 7 days from the day that customer received the product (including the 7th day) to withdraw. And also, customers will pay the shipping back costs in both cases (after the product is sent and after the product is received by customer). Customer will get the 75% of their payment by same method as the customer sent the money while purchasing the product, after the company has received the product back.

Confirmation of The Order

  • The Service Provider will confirm that the product has been sent to the customer without delay, by automatic confirmation email within 24 hours. And also, confirmation email has the information provided by the customer during the purchase or (e.g., payment method and address information), the invoice number, serial number of carpets, the date of order, the quantity of products, the list of products belonging to the order, description of product, the price of the products, and the amount paid. This e-mail only serves to inform the customer that your order has been sent by the Service Provider.
  • The customer is can contact customer services through, if he does not receive a confirmation e-mail from the Service Provider regarding his order without delay.
  • If the customer has already ordered a product and notices an error regarding the information provided in confirmation e-mail, he/she must inform the service provider within 12 hours.

Terms of Delivery and Payment

  • The company will send the ordered products on the Website at the location stated in the confirmation e-mail sent to the customer.
  • On delivery time if the customer is not present in the house, gave the wrong location information or provided inaccurate information so the product will be sent back to the company. More information at all parts of section 10.
  • Customer must inspect the carpet at the time of delivery and verify the carpet you received is what you ordered.
  • The Customer can find out about the payment methods and pick-up options provided by the company in the in the website.
  • Payment will be made in full at the time of order.

Right of Withdrawal

  • The consumer does not have the right of withdrawal in the case of a non-manufactured product has been produced on the consumer’s instructions or at his/her request, or in the case that product is clearly personalized to the consumer.
  • If the customer wishes to withdraw the non-manufactured product has been produced on customers instructions or request against the company’s terms and conditions (6.1.), the customer will not have the 50%, amount paid by customer, refunded.
  • If the consumer wants to exercise his/her right of withdrawal, he must send a clear statement of his intention to withdraw by electronic mail (e-mail) to the customer services using the contact details directed at the beginning of these General Terms and Conditions.
  • The consumer exercises his/her right of withdrawal within the deadline, if he sends his statement of withdrawal to the customer services, before the expiration date of the deadline indicated above.
  • In both cases, the customer services will immediately confirm the receipt of the consumer’s withdrawal statement by email.
  • In case of withdrawal by the consumer, he/she is obliged to return the ordered product to the address which will be given to customer in process of withdrawal. Customer is obliged to return the product within 14 days from the notification of his statement of withdrawal.
  • During the refund, the customer services will use the same payment method as the original payment method used by customer, except if the consumer clearly consents to the use of another payment method; the customer will be held liable for extra costs of that method.


  • The costs related to the accomplishment of the warranty obligation will be given by the company.
  • The customer can implement its warranty claim directly against the company.
  • The company is released from its warranty obligation only if it proves that the cause of the defect rises after the misuse of product.
  • Usage for the product will be sent to the customer with the product. If there are no usage instructions with product so the customer can contact the customer services to ask for usage instructions of the product.
  • Customer can claim the product warranty within a limitation period of 1 year from the date of receipt. After the one-year limitation period, the Customer can no longer enforce its warranty rights for products.
  • The Customer may, request a repair or replacement of the product, it would involve an additional cost for the company compared to the fulfilment of his/her request. And cargo fees.
  • The customer must notify the company of the defect immediately after its discovery, but not later than within one month from the discovery of the defect.
  • If the Customer can prove that he/she has purchased the product from the company (by presenting an invoice or a copy of the invoice). In such a case, the company is only released from the warranty, if it denies this presumption, i.e., proves that the defect of the product happened after the delivery to the customer. If the company can prove that the cause of the defect was due to a cause attributable to the customer, it is not compelled to accept the warranty claim made by the customer.
  • If the Customer states its warranty claim in respect of the part that can be parted from the product in terms of the specified defect, the warranty claim shall not be considered valid for the other parts of the product.

Product Waranties

  • In the event of a defect in the product, the Customer may, at his/her choice, impose a warranty or product warranty claim.
  • As a product warranty claim, the customer may only demand the repair or replacement of the defective product. In the affair of a product warranty claim, the customer must prove the defect of the product.
  • The Customer may state his product warranty claim within one year from the placing of the order. The customer is compelled to notify the manufacturer of the defect without delay after the sighting of the defect. A defect reported within one month of the detection of the defect will be believed to have been reported without delay. The costumer will be liable for any damage caused from the delay in communication.


  • The information on the website has been posted in good belief, and, it is for informational purposes only, the company is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information.
  • The customer may use the website only at his/her own risk and accepts that the company will not be liable for property and non-property damages ascending from the use of website, in addition to liability for breach of contract caused by willful misconduct or criminal offence.
  • Company excludes all responsibilities for the conduct of users of the Website. The customer is fully and solely responsible for its own conduct, in which case the company fully cooperates with the acting authorities to notice violations.
  • The pages of the website may contain links that lead to the pages of other companies’ websites. The company is not responsible for the data protection policy and other activities of these websites.
  • The company is allowed, but not forced, to check the information that may be made available by the users or customers during the use of the Website.
  • Due to the worldwide nature of the Internet, the customer agrees to act by the requirements of enforceable national law when using the website. If any activity related to the use of the website is not permitted under the law of the customers state, the customer will be merely responsible for the use.
  • If the customer notices offensive content on the website, he is compelled to notify the company immediately. If the company finds the signal to be correct in the course of its qualified processes, it is authorized to immediately delete or correct the information.
  • If despite of all the attention of the Service Provider, an inappropriate price is posted on the Website, especially about the obviously incorrect, e.g., for a price of “0” $ or “1” $ Obviously different from the well-known estimated price of the product, possibly due to a system error, the Service Provider is not compelled to deliver the product at an incorrect price but instead service provider may offer delivery at the accurate price.

Product Responsibility

10.1. The Service Provider shall not be responsible for inaccurately provided information by the customer, or incorrect house address, or if the customer is not present while the product has arrived. And the product will be shipped back to the company and if the customer wants the product back so they can just get the product back with only shipping cost.

10.2. Customers can easily correct their information at any stage of ordering product before they submit their order.

10.3. The Company is responsible for the damages that has occurred while shipping, if the customer can prove that the product got damaged, through taking and sending a picture of the product with its invoice in one day after shipping.

10.4. The costumer can only be held liable for the sublation of the product if it has occurred due to use more than the use necessary of the product or if the product is damaged by the customer.

10.5. The company will not be held liable Even if the product has got damaged during the shipping back process. If the customer wants to withdraw.

10.6. And the company will not be liable if the customer didn’t inform that the product got damaged during shipping process from company to customer within 24 hours, after the customer receives the product.

10.7. And if the customer wants to exercise his/her right of withdrawal after the deadline given, there will be no withdrawals or refunds of the product.

10.8. If the product received by the customer is not what the customer ordered so the Company will be held responsible to exchange the carpet for the customer, in this case the Company will pay all costs including shipping costs of the product.


11.1. The Website is protected by copyright. Jamal Rugs is the copyright holder or official user of all content displayed on the Website. Any copyrighted work or other knowledgeable property (Including, but not confined to, all graphics and other materials, software and other solutions, layout, editing, ideas, implementations used).

11.2. The content of the Website may be saved or printed on physical or other data carriers for private use of the company. Using, beyond private use, such as storage in a database, publication or downloading, transmission and placing on the market is only possible with the previously written permission of the company.

11.3. Moreover, to the rights clearly specified in this General Terms and Conditions, the registration, the use of the website or any article of the General Terms and Conditions does not allow the customer the right to use or utilize any trademark or trade name on the website. Apart from the display related with the proposed use of the website, the essential temporary reproduction and private copying, these works may not be used or utilized in any other form without the previously written permission of the company.

Enforcement Posibilities

12.1. Complaint management

The Customer can submit complaints related to the product or the company’s activities at the following contact


Customer service:

Central address: #032, 2nd floor of ACMEG – A Block, Chaman-e-Hozuri, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Telephone customer service: every day, every week 24/7

Phone: +93 (0) 730666679 / +93 (0) 792817527


12.2. The Customer’s complaint related to the product or its activity will immediately get

investigated and rectified, if necessary, if the nature of the complaint lets it. If the customer does not agree with the handling of the complaint, or it is not possible to investigate the complaint immediately, the Service Provider shall immediately take minutes of the complaint and its position, and a copy thereof.

12.3. The company must inspect and respond to the suitability of the written complaint within thirty days of its reception, and also to ensure that the response reaches the customer. If the company rejects the complaint, it is compelled to defend its position in its response to the rejection. The company is compelled to keep the record and copy of the complaint and the response for five years. The company brings up the objections submitted by the customer in at the direct contacts shown in point.

Other Significance

13.1. The level of security of the Jamal Rugs store is satisfactory, its use does not pose a risk, yet, we recommend that you take the following protections: use spyware and virus protection software with an up-to-date database, install security updates for the operating system. Purchasing on the website assumes that the customer is aware of the technical limitations of the Internet and accepts the expectancy of errors related with the technology.

13.2. The company serves orders for online store on Website only.

13.3. The company is allowed to individually improve the terms and conditions of these General Terms and Conditions at any time. The company informs the users / customers about the changes through the boundary of the website. After the change, the condition for the use of the website is that the customer clearly accepts them through the website and in the method provided within.

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